Friday, April 25, 2014

Mission: Fearless Fundraiser

My brand is the Fearless Fundraiser who specializes in Million Dollar Philanthropic Investments. I am the one who is the expert at marketing million dollar grant opportunities to America's wealthiest families. This is what I can do that best connect the capital of the successful Americans to the causes that will empower and make lives better for the rest of society.

This is my passion and my favorite thing. This is like being the punk rocker of the world of philanthropy. The guy with the orange socks.

This is why I was so edgy today.It is time to explode and focus all of my work energy on being this person. This is such a fun and great challenge that will help people- the donors, the clients and the organizations I work for. To be the expert on working with the wealthiest Americans who want to do good in a way that makes them think of me and organizations on par with their lawyer, architect, banker and doctor is something that can transform this field.

There are no other paths. This is the one. I am the Fearless Fundraiser who specializes in million dollar philanthropic investments.